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So dreams are actually becoming a reality and Paul's idea of doing Lands End to John O'Groats is starting to take shape.

Tom Q's idea of texting round his team of 16 riders for 2019 to double check they were serious about this, has been a good idea.

(Tom also thought a t-shirt with #notdeadyet for Paul was also a good idea.. ;-))

Some (who perhaps thought Paul might not be around in 2019) are being asked if they are serious about taking on such a mammoth challenge.

Some (quite understandably) are scared of the prospect, but noone so far has pulled out.

Paul had a spirometer test today at the Royal Brompton and his lung capacity is not where it should be ...but he is undeterred..

On another note, Chloe (insta: slice.sw18) made P some granola packed with flaxseed, which is supposed to reduce effects of radiotherapy.. how incredibly thoughtful - and yummy!!

Chloe is such a thoughtful and superb friend. She visited hospital on Feb 5th - our anniversary - and was a ray of light..



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