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Uphill Struggle..but home!

Paul managed a floor of stairs consisting of 4 sets of 10 steps.

He's hurting and feeling faint, but he did it!!

On Wed 7th, 9 days after surgery Paul was released home.

To quote the Prof the pathology report showed "no nasties" ie it IS epithelioid, not sarcomatic or biphasic.. so the best of a bad bunch. Weirdly I'm thrilled. I was secretly getting paranoid they had found something lurking in there and got a second test.. hence the delay in I'd expected the worst and sort of braced myself for it.

The Prof also still suspects Paul might have a BAP1 gene mutation. We still await those find out if we qualify for immunotherapy.

Gave the Prof a bottle of wine and chocs and also a present for the nursing staff on our ward.

He was mortified and asked what it was for. When told it was for going above and beyond.. and visiting every day for 8 days on the trot, he said "No, you should give me this in 5 years when he's cured" and Paul interjected

"Err no, in 5 years it will be a case!"

Paul endured the bumps in the cab and got a hero's welcome home.

However this was delayed because as soon as he got out of the cab, he set off on a walk around the block.

"Training starts today" he said..


Love him...

Paul's mum cried with relief when she found out about the meso-type and she went home today. She has kept it together so well. She's a very brave woman and I'm so glad we get along brilliantly. She's been a great friend and support to me.

Mum & Grahame will stay on.


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