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We've booked a last minute holiday to Oman leaving tomorrow.

Minor disaster in that I forgot to get Cam a new passport and it's run out, so a meeting in tears at The Passport office in Victoria was the result.. and I'm so grateful to the teller there.

When I showed her the evidence of our story, she was wonderful. What a kind and lovely lady. She helped us out and after a meeting on Wed, we got the passport on Monday. Amazing.

RBS have rescinded Paul's existing travel insurance - in fact they were really quite mean on the phone, making it VERY clear that they were no longer insuring Paul.. I think their staff need some training on how to deal with terminal illness sufferers. Considering I've banked with them all my life, i felt horribly disappointed..

To make matters worse, they even kept saying they'd be writing to me just so make absolutely clear that we're not covered by them any longer (Thanks a lot.) They really weren't very nice at all..

But lovely Sharn from Allclear insurance got us a deal, and it wasn't as much as I thought.

Plus Paul's school has given us compassionate leave.

The headteacher couldn't have been kinder.

Hurrah for small victories!

We can be a normal family going on a normal vacation and not think about the surgery in 10 days time.

Poor P.. as much as he laughs about it, the flipping steroids are puffing him up a bit - even though he's doing so much cycling and is probably the fittest he's been.


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