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Action Mesothelioma Day

As we boarded the plane tonight, a really nice lady stopped and asked me if we’d been on TV this morning. I was pretty taken aback but said yes.

She said “well done for sharing.. I’d never heard of asbestos cancer.”


Our lovely friend Lucy had called on Thursday asking if I could chat with a Sky researcher looking into Action Mesothelioma day.

He asked if we could come in for a 7.40 screening of live TV.. on Sky 1’s Sunrise.

Cut to this am being met by runners and thrown in hair & make up. Paul found it v amusing that his took 2 mins & mine took 10. A bit of polyfilla & pampering later & I looked a bit less godzilla..

Waiting in the green room was fairly nerve wracking but they were so nice to us. We were mic-ed up but had no idea what they were going to ask us. I remembered Lucy’s advice which was to get the charity & ride in. The whole interview was a blur. Sky presenter Stephen Dixon told us his grandad had died of mesothelioma so he was really lovely to us was Gillian Joseph, his co presenter. Behind the scenes we talked for one minute about Pauls Lands End to John oGroats challenge & the charity.

Here’s the result.

The cab driver on the way back told us his mother died from Meso. It's amazing how many people have been affected by mesothelioma.

We’ve had loads of messages from Meso warriors & carers.. and donations too.

People have been incredibly supportive & kind.

I was really impressed with Paul. He’s always so brave & composed talking about “terminal” when it affects him every day... every day his life hangs in the balance with Meso. He nailed the interview, whilst I wittered a bit and just tried to keep it together/stop my chin wobbling.

He copes so well & im always so proud of him.

It was great to see a bit of a splash being made on Action Mesothelioma day.

Mavis featured in the Guardian & Lucie Stephens campaign on asbestos in schools has really grown legs!

Meso Uk threw loads of amazing events throughout the country as did Hasag & many more.. Kate Williams, the newsreader has done several inspiring interviews on her rare mesothelioma diagnosis.. Amazing charities & inspiring meso-warriors taking action & raising awareness.

It’s good to get the opportunity to put Meso on the map. Not enough people are Meso-aware & tend to think asbestos disappeared with the arc.

Mesothelioma is no longer an old man’s disease & it’s RISING, not “dying out” There’s even been a 96 percent rise in women getting Meso since the 90s.

5000 UK deaths a year. This cannot be ignored..

Research funds need to be raised.

We need to Erase Meso.


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