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2 weeks post-surgery

Dear Diary,

For his birthday Paul asked for a garmin watch fitness tracker as he's on a roll.

He should be just well enough to attempt some stairs and do some mild exercise yet he's smashing it out of the park.

One of his 2 walks yesterday was with me and we did 1.3 miles and again today he's done 1.5 already.

He tells me it hurts. He is in constant pain.. and on a mixture of painkillers..but he's pushing it because we were told that the more he does early on, the easier it will be longer-term.

He's already talking about cycling LEJO'G - Lands End to John O'Groats...and sent out a mail to all his pals giving them an "out" if they're not serious about doing it in 2019.

Rhodes - summer 2017 - pre-diagnosis

We are also going to do a fundraising ball next year.

Mesothelioma does not, as it stands, have enough research or funding behind it.

I think everyone just thinks "Asbestos. It will die out soon"

But it won't. People will just continue to die unnecessarily.. We have to do something.

I was staggered to find out that 50% of UK homes still harbour asbestos, and people are unaware.. It was only recently banned in 1998!?

Paul is determined.

It doesn't get easier. We just get STRONGER.

(and more determined)


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