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And I Would Walk 10,000 miles..!

Paul is now doing 10,000 steps a day.

Pretty flipping impressive if you ask me.

There have also been downs though. His mood has definitely been affected by the morphine recently. He's had weird panicky episodes and cold feet - and sometimes he's just felt rather "mehhh"

We've been sticking to the red meat-free diet and some of the veggie dishes should come with flatulence warnings - eeek!

However, got GREAT news today.

Paul has the BAP1 gene mutation.

As much as we're still dealing with a veritable poop shower, it's the best of the best kind as they are working on targeted tablet drugs and the prognosis is better..

This article says Meso patients with genomic BAP1 mutations live 7 times longer than other meso patients.

Suddenly there is hope!!!!?

And that is what you literally live for on the meso-coaster.

"Hope is our Sustenance"

Grahame ('pops' to me and 'gramps' to Cam) gets credit for this phrase!

I know the next 4 months are going to be rotten as Paul has to endure radio and chemo (without his bike as he'll still be recovering from the op) but I feel like God has listened and answered prayer.

Paul can be as irritable as he likes in the next few months.

I'm hoping to keep him.

I'm having a glass of wine tonight with the girls.

Paul says he'll have chocolate.

Dear God, thank You.


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