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Paul had a radiotherapy session 3 days in a row this week.

I'm told each fraction was high-dosage, and is normally given to less-able-bodied people over a period of 6 weeks.

However, Paul has endured the hilarity of London-coping-with-a-paltry-amount-of-snow-making-it-come-to-a-standstill, and made it every day to the hospital.

He uses aloe-vera on the burn sites and has been trying ginger and flaxseed to ease the side-effects. Thank you Chloe Thompson for the flaxseed and ginger balls you made - quite amazing of you!!

We went for a sunny, snowy walk in Wimbledon Common afterwards and the radiologists even let me inspect the room where they administer the radiation to the wounds. Looked like a set from Star Wars..

The side effects are pretty grim, mainly because the surgery wound is over a part of the liver, so he's feeling pretty nauseous.

Effects are supposed to peak in a week so we have a way to go..but P took Cam to park to play a little bit of footy today.

Dino Top Trumps is a favourite amongst those 2 at the mo.

We had teacher-parent meeting earlier this week and Mrs Theresa told us that Cam is behaving normally and doing well. "If only he'd put more effort into his reading and writing"

So Paul has seen this as a project and reads with Cam every day, taking time over the tricky bits and explaining away the bits that don't make sense.

(Since this was published, Cam's been coming home with stars!)

Love Paul to bits.

He's a beautiful daddy to Cam.

wimbledon common March 2018

We are so blessed to still have him. So many meso-sufferers don't get ANY time as often only caught too late.

I'm painfully aware of how fortunate we are, and so sorry others have not had our experience.

Mesothelioma, you are not fair - nor are you welcome here.


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