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The Exorcist Rises..

Mothers Day - Treated to London House

This week has had opiate highs and sickness lows.

I got ill for the first time since Paul's diagnosis. At one point Paul was helping Cam out of the shower whilst I re-enacted The Exorcist minus the spinning head.

Cam was fascinated by my sickness as he's only been sick twice. He made me cry because, as I lay in bed, unable to move, he stuck his little head around the corner and said "I love you mummy"

The bug has struck hard.

I have not been sleeping well, and I just suddenly STOPPED so I slept for 14 hours in one go. Might be just a wee bit run-down.

To be fair it's not bad going and I was due to get some ailment at some point. I've been swearing by Vicks Cold and Flu Defence. I have caught and blasted away LOADS of colds that I couldn't afford to get this and last year using tonnes of the spray. Would thoroughly recommend!

I've bought it in bulk!

Paul got on his bike yesterday. He snuck down to the cellar whilst I was recuperating, and smashed out 2.7 miles. He came back a different person. A sore, but much happier one!

Cam is obsessed with watching Veggie Tales. There's always a really lovely moral tale in there - that's God related. Always reassuring. God is with us, for sure.

We saw our oncologist today. She's been great to us, but it's taken me a while to understand her. The prof is really optimistic, but she has an aptitude for "staying firmly in the what's-been-scientifically-proven" box. As there's really no proper rule out there for curing meso, I do believe we need to seek alternative therapies..and at least not immediately dismiss new ideas. I think Paul has made VAST improvement, but she just said "good" a couple of times and then referred back to "but you have a lymph node" which deflated me..

I guess the positives in this case is that with our oncologist you always know exactly where you stand.

There is no false hope given.

It is what it is (and I'm guessing she's lost too many patients to meso that she won't overpromise anything, which does make good sense when you think about it)

When it's good it's REALLY good...and she does laugh at Paul's jokes.. so that makes her a winner!

We really are very grateful to her. She is doing her darnedest for Paul.

Mothers Day treat. Went to London House for lunch.

Paul's sickness from radiotherapy seemed to leave him about 2 days ago. It's wonderful to see him start to flourish again.

We have Cam's school disco today. There's a party for the parents with lunch beforehand. I'm sure we'll be keen to bust some moves too after that...

(Paul didn't make it to the disco - too ill, unfortunately..)




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