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Wednesday - Day 2 post-surgery

My lovely friend Michelle took the day off and drove me to the hospital.

Poor woman..I had quite a download on her...but felt so much better.

She had packed a goodie bag for me filled with mags and food.. so incredibly kind and thoughtful.

Paul still in lots of pain.

He managed to stand up and do marches and leg stretches.

Denise, his physio is a cracker!!

Paul's better in the mornings as he's more lucid but as the pain advances throughout the day he hits the painkiller button and then tends to lose his thread (it's kinda funny)

"The... ummmm...?..." is his favourite phrase

He had a temperature again this afternoon. They are probably putting him on antibiotics to pre-empt and prevent any possible infections at this stage..

I smile at everyone and feel like crying.


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