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Getting on with it..

But v exciting for us..

We booked a holiday to Tenerife last August and never thought we'd get to go. But our oncologist said it would do us good.. she's given Paul loads of antibiotics and meds for "just in case" purposes and will advise us on sunscreens (or blocks - his face goes red in our freezing winter sun at the mo - even on factor 50)

She'll also write a "fit to fly" and "they are carrying these meds for these reasons" letter for us to show to security!

I've been on this site a few times

It's been nice to talk to some others in our situation.

4th round of chemo has been quite rough on Paul - the first weekend after Wed chemo is always horrid as it's steroid comedown but at least he knows all the negative thoughts in his head and tears are really down to his drugs.

He has been weaning himself off the morphine, walking 10K steps and is now up to about 5 miles on the bike.

He and Cam have been reading together every day after and before school and it's amazing to see the progress Cameron is making.

He was Star of the Week last week at school and qualified for red belt in judo. He went to the Natural History Museum at the weekend with Nic and Mark and we're off to the Science Museum on Monday as school is officially over as of Friday at 11.30.

I saw my book club girls on Friday night. Haven't seen Nina, Malin and Jan since diagnosis so I hope I didn't talk too much about mesothelioma and Paul. It was weird - although these girls are my amazing friends it's always a bit daunting - and even knackering seeing people for the first time since diagnosis.. I worry I'll get over-emotional, and it feels quite raw trawling over the last few months.

However, the girls were so brilliantly sensitve to that - asked loads of questions and I know I can always be very honest and they won't ever judge me..

Everyone's lives are so diverse, yet we're always so happy to see one another rarely. Felt like no time had passed at all!

Turned out to be a dream night with my beautiful friends.

They've been amazingly supportive and want to get involved in fundraising. Nina even wants to do LeJOG!!! She's amazing and fit enough - second from left..

(Since writing this, Nina has become THE MOST AMAAZING LEJoG cycling team member for Erase Meso.. and has helped with logistics and training - and team morale!! Incredible lady - we are very lucky!!)

Above - Book Club Girls - we tend to read wine labels rather than books!

Paul's mate Martin is here. They went off cycling this am and have gone to the pub. Paul has not had a drink since surgery and certainly can't due to morphine. He asked our oncologist when he could get off the morphine so he can have a beer.

She did laugh...

He didn't!

I messaged Mavis Nye (most famous meso-survivor in the UK - Keytruda trial) to see if there's anything I can do to help her amazing mission to help meso-warriors and find a treatment for Mesothelioma. I've mocked up a few meso-warrior logos and wondered if she'd like to see them, as I'm an amateur graphic designer.

Paul's messaged her a few times and she's been really helpful, so I hope I hear back. She's someone I admire greatly!

My mum and Grahame have been unbelievably amazing. My tenant moved out of my Aberdeen flat and trashed it.

Mum and G have been renovating it for the next tenant.

Firing my leasing agent who hadn't actually met them and told me they had. Grrr..

Anyhow, who cares, really?

Small stuff - don't sweat it and all that...

We are alive!

And I'm flipping grateful.


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