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6th Chemo

Paul had his 6th and hopefully last round of chemo for a while last Wed.

We are soo used to the routine and new to expect a pretty cr*ppy weekend of steroid comedown and him feeling wrecked and sick.

Chemo was true to form and the accumulation of 6 rounds hit Paul hard.

The effects came faster and the chemo fog came thicker.

He had to turn back from seeing a Dinosaurs in the Wild event, much to his and Cam's disappointment. (To be fair, what were we thinking??!)

However, it's a week later and he's just walked in the door from doing 10 miles on the bike.

Since I last wrote Paul has been reading with Cam every day straight after school and first thing over breakfast. Cam's reading had improved dramatically. I've been doing maths and we're okay but can't say the same - haha! Paul is definitely a better teacher.

We also went to East Sussex for the weekend. Paul bought a kayak and I even bought a wetsuit and we had a ball in Norman's Bay going up and down the coast! It's amazing that Paul is doing all this just 4 months after surgery!!?

We also visited the Powder Mills and went on the Miniature Steam Railway Eastbourne. Had a picnic and a brilliant time.

Apart from the pain, we almost forgot Paul is ill.

Mum and Grahame have come down to visit. They are amazed at Paul's progress, and I love having them here. Mum is so wise and I can talk to them both about anything. Don't know what I would have done without them - we went for sushi as a treat.


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