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Freaky Final Chemo

Just sitting here wondering how Paul will get on.

He has a meeting with the oncologist to determine whether he can do his 6TH and LAST round of chemo tomorrow..(his last for now anyway..!)

Fifth round went rather well really..

I almost felt it went TOO well then we read about lovely Mavis Nye finding out her meso has returned ..after an amazing 6 years in remission. Turns out it was our oncologist who put her forward for her original trial..

Paul took the news quite hard. We see Mavis as a beacon of hope (as do her army of fellow meso-warriors).

Also had to have a meeting with our (very kind) Financial Advisor Chris who Paul had instructed to look at every single scenario so I know where we are financially. Paul is keen for me to take over the reigns a bit more when it comes to money matters. I've always taken care of all household admin and bills but stocks and shares are a minefield of confusion to me, and I can't say I'm really the least bit interested (more importantly, I can't really imagine that particular scenario.. losing him, i mean..)

P had a great cycle with mates round Richmond park at the weekend but yesterday and today I can't put my finger on it, but think he might be a bit low - or anaemic?? Blood tests will tell..

My flat in Aberdeen is on the rental market after a proper refurb (mum & Gramps to the rescue!), and I'm working on posters for our old school and current one.

Had bookclub at the weekend..a bunch of girls I've known for a decade and we are all very close. We rarely actually read the nominated books now though.. and it's more about reading wine labels.

The Falconers also kindly hosted a barbecue.. which ws amazing! I know P gets bored when there's alcohol involved. He never shows it though - and to hear him laugh and carry on, you would think he WAS drinking.

I'm very proud of him.

We also took a lovely walk on Wimbledon Common with our pal Dominic and his practically human Visler dog Hudson.

Dom has kindly agreed to help me organise our Erase Meso ball, which is amazing - he's a professional event manager, as well as a dear friend.

(The man helped organise our wedding - he must be!!?!)


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