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Remission Impossible 2 (the scary sequel..)

So yesterday was the day we got the results of the PETscan to see if the mesothelioma had spread to the brain, lungs, bones - or anywhere else in the body..

Paul and I decided to distract ourselves by jumping on his scooter and tearing around London doing the tourist thing!

After a failed stiff-upper-lip mission to the Churchill War Rooms (queue too long and like muppets we hadn't booked..), we decided to explore battersea power station.

We thought we had loads of time until Paul suddenly realised his appointment with Mary the oncologist was actually at 4pm and not 5. As I'd organised childcare around 5pm, Chloe had to run over to the house and look after Cam. (Huge thanks to Mills too who had Chloe's daughter)

After the tense childcare swap game we made it to Parkside with a minute to spare.

Nerves really began to kick in - especially as Mary walked in giving us a tight smile which stopped our conversation dead.

I still feel sick thinking about what was going through Paul's head at that point. I kept just trying to keep the hot chocolate in my hand still and stop it shaking. I was prattling on to Paul trying to distract him but jibbering a load of nervous rubbish..

Thank God Mary ushered us in and told us immediately that it was good - nothing new.

I gulped back the sobs and practically flattened Paul in hugs!!

We both sighed with relief and I can't tell you the joy we both felt.

Waiting for scan results brings the highest form of dread.. scanxiety is horrible.

They will continue to monitor him with a CT scan in 3 months - booked in for Dec 11th.

She doesn't think he'll need monthly injections of avastin as he had such horrid side effects last time (hideous head pain, thirst, fever, palpitations).

He will also be seen by a lung specialist to assess capacity, and we'll see Prof Lang again for a check up too.

I called my mum then Gen and Chloe and slowly made the calls and texts with the good news.

Poor Cam was in tears when I left him but good news and cuddles made up for it on our return home.

We decided a celebratory drink (and kids tea) was in order so the Baths and Phil, Andi and Max joined us in the pub.

I must admit my head is a little fuzzy today but it was wonderful to feel such happiness - a feeling Mesothelioma tries to rob us of so often.

Today is a brand new and incredibly marvellous day.

I've booked Kew at Christmas, a holiday and a trip to the circus!!

Thank God (very much). There is hope!!!!

Feels like a weight is lifted.. for now anyway...

The Cyprus holiday at the Azia Resort in Paphos in half term. Paul went to the gym most days and is still on a diet. He went jetskiing with Cam and had an amazing time!


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