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I just read my first post from 14th November 2017.. exactly a year ago .. when Paul was first diagnosed with terminal mesothelioma.

It's weird because I remember it so well but I think I've also been blocking it out, because quite frankly, it was the worst day of our lives. I read it and it makes me feel slightly nauseous looking back..the sheer, shock, terror and dread that all comes packaged up courtesy of mesothelioma.

In one year Paul has endured 6 rounds of (3 types of) chemotherapy, a pleurectomy and decortication surgery of his lung (he's now missing about a third of his right lung) and radiation therapy.

It has been GRUELLING for him.

But he's fought exceptionally hard... He does Physiotherapy once a week, the gym every day and every second day he goes on a mammoth bike ride.

He no longer eats red meat or drinks white wine, and most of the carbs he used to inhale are foods of the past.

Funnily enough he just walked in with his bike on his shoulder, having been to the gym and cycled 20 miles (He did 41 miles plus gym yesterday)

I am so SUPER PROUD of him, and just so grateful that he is

still here and "surthriving"

So far he has defied the odds - and it's not been without sweat or tears*.. but he never complains or asks "why me?"

He is amazing - and he's mine.

We are going out for dinner tonight to celebrate and look forward.

We must enjoy these months in remission.

Paul - 1, Meso - 0

*mainly mine


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