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CT or not CT..that is the qn

**Apologies for this entry - it's a bit all over the place.! Lots of things to mention that don't necessarily connect - but mainly tackles the subject of it peaks and troughs..but will get you through anything..**

The last few weeks have been good overall. I had to have surgery to remove a surface cyst from my breast but got the fab news on the 15th that it's not carcinogenic (PHEWWWW). My level of care was amazing and Paul was just lovely. Sarah Q very kindly took me to see Hamilton last week (amazing!) and Moray took me to see Christine & The Queens (also blooming brilliant!)

I've also been working on some logo/brand designs for new businesses and this is keeping me busy.. Paul is continuing to go to gym every day and cycling most too.

We now have the date for the next CT scan - Tuesday December 11th.

I don't know why but the approach to results day just feels like the meso-coaster has been tipped downwards. Our lovely "meso-free" haze-bubble has been pricked and the deflation is ever-so-slightly kicking in. I find myself praying a lot.

Stupidly watched The Christmas Chronicles with Cam which is about a family surviving a Christmas following the loss of their dad.. a tearjerker that hit home with Paul's mortality.. and I found myself feeling increasingly downhearted.

However, a meal out with 2 of my oldest pals Phil and Sarah Q sorted that out. It's amazing how seeing friends can change your perspective and sort your head out.

Talking of great friends, Scottish Sarah and I sadly watched our beautiful friend Vikki brave her father's funeral last week. She was magnificent and delivered an amazing eulogy/tribute. A horrible, sad day..but a lovely celebration of Dave's life, and I took huge heart from my buddy's courage..

Moreover, Paul's lung is his new BAROMETER. He says he feels the damp in his lung, and his lung feels really sore.. it's really difficult not to get paranoid that the meso is recurring.. but we cover this feeling up describing him as the new Michael Fish. (I might just ditch my metcheck app..)

However, not one to wallow, Paul has cycled in the rain today to Boxhill where he's meeting his best mate Ed for a training session. He should do around 50 miles.

I think he is nuts as I stare out the window into the pouring rain but he loves it. I think cycling makes him feel alive, and I know his spirits will be lifted.

Go Cookie, go!

On another note, my mum has been taking mannose as a supplement and I noticed this week ...

Researchers with Cancer Research UK and Worldwide Cancer Research say mannose slowed the growth of tumors in mice. The test mice had leukemia, bone cancer, ovarian cancer, or bowel cancer. This may also apply to mesothelioma tumours.. (I'll get shopping!!)

The other lovely positive news is about Heather Von StJames.. Congratulations Heather - there IS hope!

Some recent pics below..

Balmedie beach where we sledged down the dunes!

So much fun with gramps and granny last weekend in Aberdeen.

As the plane approached Aberdeen Cam very loudly pointed and shouted "Look mummy, irish cows!" (Highland cattle) #mustvisitscotlandwithhimmoreoften

Paul and I had a date night to see Hue & Cry at the Tivoli.. and I also got to see my old school pals Shona, Jane and Gayle.

Granny and Gramps

Granny and Gramps above..

Paul & Cam braving the weather on a Winterville ride

Winterville on Clapham Common 25.11.18


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