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We have been overwhelmed by the amount of support we've had.

Our friends are absolutely INCREDIBLE.

One new pal (called Nic who I think will be a lifer) sent me a GlossyBox.

Because I'm fully prepared for a fairly gruesome 6 months she has bought me a box of goodies for each month.. just to keep up morale. (She also knows I never treat myself to cosmetics or massages/nails/stuff like that - it's not really my thing)

What a marvel she is though..

On the day of surgery Niamh dropped off a fish pie to the house, and yesterday Chloe dropped off a lasagne and loaf cake she made to keep my energy levels up...and her hubby James helped lots with occupying Cam. Both Niamh and Chloe are superstars.

Lucy sends in little notes of support, and is always there for a cuppa or playdate for Cam despite lots of tricky things going on in her life..She was the first person I told in public and she looked after me so beautifully..she has such an incredibly big heart.

Andrew "Walty" brought round cycle books and Pukka pills and tea to help with recovery.

Nigel Shaddick has been a fellow meso-warrior and whatsapp remote support provider from Culloden.

Sarah Q dropped in a sports bottle to the hospital for me made up with berocca, and a little parcel containing a magnesium pill and some walnuts ("full of potassium" she said) She drove in one time just to sit in the waiting room and left having only seen me for 10 mins as I never got her text saying she was there!! She's been marvellous as has Tom.

After a night of sobbing, (me, not her, obvs!)Michelle drove me into hospital and gave me a goodie bag full of breakfast and magazines she thought i wouldn't already have (i actually didn't have any!) she even included a gardeners world - haha! (we have a teeny garden with astro-turf). She also brought round soup.. and turned up late to give me a cuddle one night I was having a low one..

Paul's first boss Maarten even sent flowers and my Scottish "sister" Sarah flew down and sent a voucher for a massage.

B & Scott helped look after Cam - and Scott did some filming for us which we hope to use for cure-fundraising purposes. B, thank you for your resilience putting up with change-of-plans and for listening.

Moray came over on Pancake day to help Cam make lego and pancakes and talk "ninjago" He lost his mum last year to lung cancer so he always seems to know the right words to say and is a damn good listener. My mum wants to adopt him. (I already have!)

Everyone has sent cards and i started a whatsapp group called Cookie Updates and the support with each update has been overwhelming!

Paul's clients have sent handwritten notes, Ruth and Dave have offered car rides and Mara has sent in a lasagne plus mindfulness colouring and pencils set.

Gen "just happens to be passing the end of my street" a lot, (she lives a mile away with 3 demanding kids) as she just likes to check in on me - with muffins & magazines and the odd present. She got in a cab from a night out to check on me when Paul admitted overnight 6th round chemo. Gennie King is officially an ANGEL and huge tower of strength..always having Cam at the drop of a hat and dropping stuff to me so I know I'm not alone!! Honestly not sure what I'd do without "SuperGen"

Bessie, Jon and Rachel, Katie etc - all praying with their churches and groups!!

Charlie, Caroline, Chloe (super-kindly) sent Paul some copper-lined pyjamas to help him heal (altho he looks a bit like Hugh Hefner in them - sooo funny!) Charlie's shepherd's pie was amazing - as for the HP sauce mock up - WOW!

Also my new class mums have been superb considering we barely yet know one another. Such incredible support - Andi thanks for taxiing Cam, and Anna & Kerry, for your own reasons you both just "get it!"

Rich & Anna - for being incredibly helpful, providing playdates and just listening.

We are truly blessed to have such awesome friends and family who have supported us in prayer and positive thoughts.

It's wonderful to avoid sympathy, and be surrounded by blooming good peeps.

I'm not really sure why I'm wittering on.. I guess I just want to make the point that in the dark and lonely world of mesothelioma, these are the big and small things that get you through..

It's not about what you GET from people - it's the love and the care and the thought... that meme that is sent to make you laugh at the BEST time when you need light relief...the fact that people drop what they are doing to come out and see you when you fancy an impromptu coffee or large glass... you feel such support...and you can grasp onto hope and light again.

Dan H, my incredible buddy and confidante, you will never appreciate how much your early morning sunrise pic that just said "Today is dedicated to the Cooks" on the morning of surgery.

Anyhoo, onward meso-soldiers..

I am so incredibly grateful to our Cookie army.

We can't tell you how incredibly much we appreciate you all.

Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe called life. (and on that note, if I've not mentioned you, I'm incredibly sorry..and stupid!)

Paul just can't quite believe it.

Thank you!!!

PS - I know I've still said it before but we couldn't have done this without the childcare, cleaning, cooking, school-running and mega-talents of mum and pops/gramps. They've been the backbone of this whole mega-op and allowed Geri and I to go back and forth to hospital easily. A wonderful, smiling, supportive and ever-giving pair.


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