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Listening to Bupa Hold Music..

Sometimes I think that life couldn't get weirder..

I know this Bupa music off by heart and I know my acc no off by heart and exactly what they will ask me for in terms of security questions.

We are SUPER-FORTUNATE to have private medical cover through Paul's company..and the people we have dealt with have been simply incredible. We've had lightning speed care.

We count ourselves so blessed..yet we have mesothelioma.

We really feel a sense of social injustice though - it's not fair that everyone doesn't experience this kind of care.

The NHS is amazing.. but struggling. Superb doctors and nurses - but just not enough funding and resources.

It's not fair that we should have this kind of care, and others don't - especially with mesothelioma, such a rare and fast cancer.

Waiting kills - literally! - with mesothelioma.

I also have grown to believe that the medical profession just see this disease as freaking unfortunate - and like asbestos, it will die out - eventually..

It's wrong.

It's unjust.. and people are dying needlessly. There's not enough investment in finding a cure.

I remember Paul suggesting we take out Bupa through the company and I didn't expect us to need it. I told him I thought it was a waste of money..

Boy, was I wrong.. and thank God we did.

Thank God.

And Bupa.

PS - I was messing around (my own therapy involves graphic design) mocking up some Meso-warrior art. The amazing Mavis Nye ( came up with the wonderful term "meso-warrior" which beautifully describes how we're all fighting together.

Mavis, huge thanks for inspiring us all!

(Do sign up to her amazing facebook groups if you haven't already. The groups provide incredible support and advice)


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