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"This is NOT a Life Sentence"

The opening sentence from Loic, one of the surgeons we're considering.

He knows more about mesothelioma than anyone we've ever met before.

He explained to us that there's 3 main types of meso - sarcomatoid (do NOT want that awful aggressive kind), biphasic... or the "best" (erm), and most common type - epithelioid.

He told us of his success stories and if we can just prolong life, there have been wonderful advances in drugs, especially in the area of immunotherapy.

The man is a ray of light in the dark and murky world of meso..

I've made up my mind.

I want Paul to choose him.

I sleep properly for the first time that night.

It's just so lovely to feel HOPE.

Hope is a lifecraft in this screwed up sea we face and our superhero right now.

He described the process for Pleurectomy / Decortication.

Pleurectomy/decortication surgery is an aggressive treatment option for pleural mesothelioma. It involves removing the pleural lung lining and all visible tumor masses, while leaving the affected lung in place

It all sounds very promising, and could happen beginning of next year if Paul decides this is what he'd like to do.

The idea of surgery is to effectively press the RESET button on the mesothelioma... but it won't be pretty - and like a trademark of this kind of cancer "nothing is guaranteed"


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