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Still Meso-free!!

On Dec 11th at 4pm we had an amazing result - Paul's CT scans showed no resurgence of tumours.

That news was well worth the gruelling wait!

The pain he has been experiencing is due to radiation fibrosis..he was extra sensitive to the radiotherapy he had at the beginning of the year which has irreparably damaged the lung (something we weren't really prepared for..but unfortunately something that had the slimmest chance of happening)

HOWEVER, the BEST news was that despite losing one third of his right lung in the tumour removal surgery, his lung function is significantly UP compared to this time last year!!

Our oncologist was pretty shocked by this and even asked if Paul had been taking epo sports enhancement drugs (As If??!) to get that result. She said that lung function tests were normally down after surgery..

Just goes to show that all Paul's hard graft at the gym and cycle training has paid off. Very proud of him.

It really was the best news.

We went back to our friend Kerry's (she had Cam) and had a celebratory drink.

We spent Christmas in Craigendarroch near Ballater with our parents. It was such a lovely time despite our rugby-scrum for seats on a train to Aberdeen from Kings Cross (drones at Gatwick drama)

Cam requested a camera, and for everyone to be kind to each other in the world. Father Christmas obliged (on the camera at least!)

Paul and Cam had a whale of a time in the pool and playing racket ball and table tennis. We also went for walks along the river in Ballater and around Cambus o May.

New year was spent happily at our friends The Horsfields' new country pad in Bucks.

Paul is going back to work in Jan. He also has 2 ski trips booked.

Next scan not until June.

Happy days....

Other notable positive news.. - an exciting new study by Cancer Research could lead to an early detection mesothelioma breath test!!

Mesothelioma UK have funded 4 major meso research projects donating over £688K! AMAZING!

New Years Day Jan 1st 2019 - we didn't know if Paul would make it but he's in remission and fitter than ever..

The Baths and Horsfield families - terrific friends and supporters!

Beautiful Ballater and beyond..


Inspiring Cambus O'May walks..



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