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Mary our oncologist called to say not to bother coming in on Friday.

Paul's PETscan came back clear.

It's been 18 months since surgery..

Phew!!!! WOW..

Cannot tell you the relief we feel. We were on the meso-rollercoaster again last week after an odd shadow came up on the CT scan.. Mary assured us it was probably just scarring but wanted a PETscan just to be absolutely sure.

Went to Detmold in Germany last weekend assuring all my book club girlfriends that Paul was okay and that it was very unlikely the PETscan would show up any nasties... but I've got to admit, I'm not sure I really believed it..

My beautiful friend Nina turned 40 - hence the reason for the trip and celebration - and she gave us the most incredible gift of all.. She decided to forego presents and ask instead that attendees consider donating to She's raised nearly £700, and the entire night was a wonderful celebration of life and friends and dancing!!

What an angel..

So today is a new dawn, a new day, a new life..for Paul!! ;-)

Honestly I don't really know what's going on. The prepared-for-any-event and can't-take-anything-for-granted part of me is really confused. Often these results just feel really weird. Want to jump up and down then just want to sit and mull over how fortunate we are and what the heck??! I reflect on everyone on their own "meso-coasters" most of whom are going through hell and the horrors of this nasty disease.. I hate that this cancer exists because asbestos wasn't banned fast enough and is still prolifically in existence in this country and others.

Paul fell off his bike in training for Lands End to John o Groats challenge (LEJoG) on Monday. He's pretty much written off his bike and landed at 20mph on a road. He was fairly shaken up and is covered in gashes and bruises... But he's written off the pain as "nothing compared to surgery!" :-)

I'm honestly not making this up. He VERY RARELY complains. His positivity against this rotten meso-backdrop is astounding.

We feel really blessed.

We've been surrounded by supporters with big hearts and the best care.

Mesothelioma, stay away.. you're not welcome. Pleease don't come back any time soon.

Highlights involve Nina's 40th, Only Fools and Horses (the musical - paul's birthday gift), Gen's birthday with Team Palma, a Retts sweater and lots of cycling!!


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Jun 20, 2019

Jill, I'm still overwhelmed from this weekends attention and love that was in the room. That everyone has embraced the donations is so incredibly generous, especially as some of my friends don't even know Paul. But they met you, and everyone has been blown away and inspired by how you are dealing with it all. Friendships is all that matters. It's not the location, it's the people you are with and we are so fortunate to have such a strong circle of friends. My heart goes out to you and Paul and I'm so grateful I can do my tiny bit to support you on your journey. All my love xxx

P.s. Tally is EUR 710 offline and £590 online..and…

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