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Erase Meso is Born

My friend Dan just left the building. He is an amazing talent and came over to have a look at the dodgy powerpoint I created to communicate to people why they should help us at Erase Meso.

He has very kindly offered to script and produce a small video for us and is giving his time for free! Quite incredible. I never cease to be surprised by how kind & generous people can be with their time & energy!

Our website is now up and running and Paul had a great meeting with Liz Darlison from Mesothelioma UK yesterday. Again, we have shared goals and hope to collaborate closely in future.

We have a ball planning meeting this Thursday when we put our ball committee together and "get the ball rolling" (literally)

Since the last blog Paul has been in good health and stepped up the training (LEJOG race is in 130 days on Thursday!!)

He is enjoying being back at work, and drumming up interest in the charity (as well as leading the strategy/dealing with logistics)

Since Feb we have been skiing to Morzine, spent 10 days in Lanzarote (with P gokarting and waterparks etc!), celebrated Paul's mum's 80th, seen the Lion King (I've seen it before but i still cried my eyes out)and also been up to see mum & Grahame in Scotland.

Skiing was particularly wonderful as it was a "bucket list" item for Paul to ski for the first time with his son... and CAM LOVED IT! We went with the Davises and had an absolute riot..Skied a lot and laughed even more. Surprised Bailey and Cam on the day of departure and I'll always remember their little amazed and happy faces! Such a fab family to hang out with. I know Nic hates me being grateful or over effusive, but her dead-pan banter & affection for Walkers always lifts my spirits and as much as she gives me "grief" she probably won't ever know how wonderful she's been in our lives.

I will always remember Paul turning to me saying "this really is the BEST week EVER" watching Cam zoom off (P proud, me slightly nervously urging "Turn!!") It was a beautiful thing really.

And Cam will be faster than me next year..

Geri's birthday was a success - although the geriatrics drank a LOT more than we imagined - they can PAARTY!!? I think she had a lovely time.. she and Aunt Jackie were rapping about being besties at one point - such a giggle! Geri such a kind and generous person - was terrific to celebrate her at 80 and she looked great!

The only sad thing to report was that my beautiful mum had a wee stroke. She of course, completely downplayed it ("it's absolutely fine, darling") but I have been worried. We went up to visit her and she was definitely a little weaker and got tired more easily. Despite the scare, she got on with everything, and we knew she was better when she started teasing Grahame again.

THANK GOD we found out her brain scan was clear yesterday so (like I always say to P after scan results) "Today is a new day"

We are so incredibly lucky to be alive and I count myself personally so blessed to have such an incredible mother and husband (who also happen to be great mates!) Mum now just has the mammothly difficult task of taking it easier from now on..

On Saturday went out with my April birthday buddies Michelle and Sarah. We treated ourselves to The Oxo and had a terrific view of the city. We are so fortunate we can say anything to one another and not hold back. We probably sounded like a bunch of hyenas though.. great fun & good friends.

Paul is cycling The Dulux London Revolution next weekend with some of the Lejog team. Tamsin Whipp has raised over £2K in sponsorship and has got our fundraising off to an utterly incredibly start. Go TAM!!

Also Nigel, Paul's meso-warrior-mate was on STV trying to plug Erase Meso. What a lovely, inspiring and brave guy.

We just need £5k to become a registered charity.

Funny to think that this was all born pre-chemo and treatments. Paul always vowed that if #notdeadyet he would do his best to make a difference in the world of mesothelioma.

Well, he is.... and we are..(here's continually hoping, anyway..)

Bye for


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