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my husband has mesothelioma

Hello and welcome to my Meso-Carer's Blog.  My name is Jill and my husband Paul was diagnosed with MPM (Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma) in November 2017. He is now 48, & we live in London with our 9 year old son..

Thank you for reading this.

It started out as a diary where I could write down how I was feeling - a form of therapy, really..and then a few people asked me to share some of our experiences. I desperately do not mean to offend when I offer my opinions or describe our experiences so please take anything I've written in good heart.  I know we will all be affected in widely varying ways.. Also I'd like to point out is my blog, not Paul's.

I wanted to write from a carer's viewpoint.

You can follow the journey from Nov 14th 2017 - the very beginning... 

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