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Cameron aged 5 years, 7 months

He is cheeky.

He's a champion.

(Spidey nicked daddy's glasses)

He is all the light we need.

(But he might need a haircut!?)

This kid spurs us on every day.

He is our daily dose of joy and fun.

Thank you Cam! You're definitely a mini-Paul!

When surgery was going on I got a text message from one of the girl's mums at school saying that F had told Cam she loves him and wants to marry him. Apparently he told her that he "100 does not"

He also asked to marry me, as apparently she kissed him and it was all squishy. When I informed him he couldn't - "why?" - because it was incest he was mightily offended.

"Mummy, we are NOT INSECTS!"


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