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Friday - 3 days post surgery

Paul is definitely still in pain, but making progress.

There was a dodgy moment when the Fentabryl (press-on "magic button" painkiller) ran out and it took 2 nurses to unlock the screaming machine and Paul tried not to panic as the hurricane of pain started kicking in.

Paul's mum has been great. We are both trying to entertain and distract him.

Denise the Physio is coming again to do some walks around the corridor again.

The prof is coming later to hopefully take the drains out. Thick draining tubes go through the muscle into the chest cavity. It will be excruciating to get them out, but he will be much more comfortable..

Paul keeps saying "So..erm.." and losing his thread.. he is so so tired, but buoyed in the countdown to the Disappearing Drains!


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