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Happy Valentines!

So we decided that our anniversary, birthdays and Valentines were being merely put on hold this year.

Paul's mate Walty* ("geeezarr!") came round with a load of cycling books and really well thought out Pukka tablets and teas for P. Andy is such a great bloke and has been a huge fighting support for Paul...

I went out for a prosecco or 2 with my lovely & kind friend Mara. Her kid is approaching 3 years of age and has leukaemia.

She is brave.

She is Italian.

She is stylish.

She is hilarious.

And I love that we can be honest with each other.

It was wonderful for us both to have a rant about cancer as we both "get it" and understand dark humour. She is amazing. She was heartbroken with grief when they were diagnosed, but she fought on. She and her husband have researched everything so thoroughly - like a full-time job.. and N (her son) has responded beautifully to treatment. It's so hard on him and also his sibling who is Cam's age and wondering why N gets away with so much (Of course, he is braving chemo - but what kid understands this??)

I take heart from Mara. She is tough - but we are able to compare experiences.. you definitely learn who your friends are..

We laugh and even have a bit of a cry over the bonkers scenarios we find ourselves in.

Stuff cancer.

Ciao Bella!

*Andrew Walton


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