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To Publish or Not to Publish..

It's really weird.

I'm incredibly nervous about publishing this blog.

I'm worried about the meso-community not appreciating anything I may have said (even though well intentioned) .. and I know people don't generally see any positives when it comes to mesothelioma. Horrifically, it's usually only detected too late. In fact, we are so darned lucky, because Paul could still be living with it lurking there - with few side effects - and we could just be getting on with life - until it caught up with us too late perhaps later this year or next..? What then?? I certainly wouldn't have had this time with him.

Every day counts.

Every day I count my blessings that my totally bonkers and beautiful hubby is still here.

So why worry about this blog?

Well, I'm painfully aware others are rarely so lucky to be diagnosed at stage 2/3. I know people all over the world are experiencing the utterly barbaric horrors of mesothelioma.. and here we are blessed enough to have private care (which I feel constantly guilty about), and an oncologist based a 5-10 min drive away. We have SO much to be incredibly thankful for. It doesn't seem fair...It really doesn't. I'm just writing (partly cathartically) about our own experiences, and the last thing I'd want to do is upset anyone or say the wrong thing.

But then I see a chap called Bill Hader perform comedy on Saturday Night Live..

Wattch - - Start from 4 mins

Here's the transcript..

""If you’re ordinary and you love seizure-inducing Malaysian music, I have just the place for you. New York’s hottest club is “Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, Please.” Built in the Upside-Down World, this haunted hospice was closed when inspectors found a sexy form of asbestos that could cause disease: Me-so-horny-oma. This place has everything: young popes, old popes, Roman J. Israel, Esquire. Avoid the dance floor on Wednesdays, when a dozen hot dachshunds and corgis get in free. They call it Long and Low Night. I don’t trust any dog whose stomach touches the ground. Plus, you can party in the V.I.P. room with a group of human squatty potties. It’s that thing of—you know what, it’s a new era, and I don’t want to say a word that could be insensitive. Could I consult my lawyer quickly? He’s an attorney and a conceptual piss artist named Shy."

Vanity Fair even hailed this sketch as his "glorious return to Weekend Update"

My husband watched it and I couldn't figure out if he'd prefer to cry .. or punch something..

This utterly ignorant idiot can make jokes about mesothelioma - and even more horrifically, people are finding it hilarious.

Well done to our legendary Mavis Nye who demanded an apology on social media.

Where is the rest of the backlash??

Makes me sick, and pretty gutted..

Bill Hader, please do come to my house (or any other meso-affected one) and explain how this is so hilarious.



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