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Spent the most beautiful sun-drenched few days in Suffolk over the half term holiday.

We got a deal with Airbnb with another very kind family - the Horsfields - (who put up with us and our "may have to cancel at any time depending on how P is" deal..)

Paul describes the few days of playing cricket, rugby, cycling and even freaking fair bumper cars as such an amazing time of normality.

We went to the Framlingham Gala, Africa Alive! and Paul took great delight giving Cam "driving lessons" up and down the private dirt track to the house! (Best way for Cam to learn his left and right!)

We had absolutely loads of laughs.

Paul and I watched The Greatest Showman on a night before we came away and

have been listening to the soundtrack since.

Turns out the Horsfields did too (weird coincidence) and the kids loved dancing around to it on Spotify.

It was brilliant - even though I suspected Paul was overdoing it.

We ended coming home early on Wed (we were booked to stay til Fri) because P had a temperature and was a bit scared he had fluid on the lung again. We're home and it just looks like he just overdid it.. I didn't sleep at all for worrying last night. (Paul snored) Cam woke me this am just as I'd finally fallen asleep.

I get a bit frustrated when Paul doesn't heed my warnings but it's flipping lovely to see him having such a ball!

Went to Africa Live and couldn't have had a better time.

(still perplexed about Paul's cricket bowling and go on the dodgems!!!!) ;-)


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