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Super Summer

Well, ever since that wonderful word "remission" was uttered to us, we've been doing our best to make summer 2018 one to remember..

We've done a lot of UK touring plus some trips abroad (Majorca/Gran Can) with friends. Cornwall, Sussex.. hotels, camping (sorry for wimping out, B&Scott, when it got stormy!!) and just being a general tourist!

Paul developed a bit of a cough in Gran Canaria, which our oncologist assured him was part and parcel of the radiotherapy.

He has been fighting against his internal scarring by cycling most days and physiotherapy 2 times a week. He has actually become a bit of a "pro" at pilates, and I'm embarassed to say as an able-bodied person that he is much better than me!!

Cam also turned 6 and had a very happy birthday with his cousins and friends at Flip Out, and bashing the hell out of a pinata.

I have a google alert on for meso every day - just trying to keep up with drug and cure developments.

One of the most interesting is Nivolumab, also known as Opdivo.

It's also wonderful to hear the good news that Mavis Nye is responding well again to Keytruda. What an incredible woman. She works her socks off helping others fight meso and is a meso-cyclopedia.. is there anything she doesn't know about it? Wonderful woman to be admired.. I hope she receives some recognition for all her efforts one day.

Sooo much is happening in the world of immunotherapy. Let's keep hoping and praying they find a cure soon..

Cam started Year 1 and was so happy to see his friends.. and mine too! We are surrounded by such incredible support.

Speaking of friends, a load of us went to the park yesterday. Went to see my friends Moray and Dan's new house which looks splendid. Moray lost his mum last year to lung cancer and he and Dan have provided so much support, shoulders to cry on, and Cam utterly adores them like real uncles.

They played the piano for us and my godson Archie gave Cam an intro to rugby - which he loved (and has the build for, certainly!)

I went to church this am. Paul's PETscan was on Friday and to be honest, I'm feeling quite scared. The results will be given to us on Tuesday and all the old horrors have come back. I often have bad dreams and I can't help but worry most of the time even envisioning Paul's funeral, which freaks me out. Summer sunglasses have hidden a lot of red eyes/lumps in throat over the summer - even on the BEST of days with the family. Paul has such a lust for life, it just feels tragic to think meso might rob him of it one day.

A while back I posted "I refuse to accept the things I cannot change, but to change the things I cannot accept"

And that's why we will keep fighting this darned cancer together.

It gets tough. Before we ignored the odd cold.. now I just dread them in Paul. This week his chest has been bad, and very sore..

We were hoping his pain would have subsided but he just gets on with it every day, and never complains.

The church sermon was on saltiness today.

I just hope I can keep up my own saltiness - only with God's help.

As I write this Paul and Cam just ran past me screaming with laughter playing a game of lasers (very kindly bought for Cam by Auntie Sarah Fisher)

They are such happy idiots xx

Majorca - The Zafira Palace, Palma Nova

Went nuts and got a swim-up.. such a treat - but then again, life's too short!?

Farheen's leaving do

SuperGen - and Alice. She and her family literally raced home from airport to be at Cam's birthday!

FlipOut with mates

Daddy trying to walk on water in the pool

Rare family shot!

Little Alice. I'm very grateful for all the cuddles!

Cam starting year 1, performing with a street act (had to hold a match in his mouth and he lit it with a yoyo). Pal Max watching Greatest Showman.. and maestros Moray and Dan in their new pad.

Cornwall with granny and gramps

Camping at Embers Bentley with Falcconers and Thompsons

Gillan, Cornwall


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