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Our friend Nic has been amazing since Paul's diagnosis.

Her boss Karen Welman had heard of Paul's plight and (incredibly kindly!) offered Paul training at her Gym called The Library. Karen has never even met us.. yet she she did this for Paul.

For just over a fortnight Paul has been training there and they have been amazing. There's no way we could afford membership but they have given Paul the training for free.

He's been put on a high intensity training schedule and diet and has gone from 194.5lbs to 182.8lbs!! (in only 2 weeks!!)

He is regaining strength lost in chemo, his shoulder (which had gone down with surgery) is back up to normal in stature and he is feeling fit and healthy.

He is so happy there and has met such a lovely supportive Library training team. They've given him their time and encouragement..and my husband is thriving.

We could not be more grateful to the generous spirits of Nic Robson/Davis (Pearlfisher), Karen Welman, and Zana Morris, the Library's owners.

If you're ever reading this I hope you all understand how much we appreciate your generosity, time and immeasurable kindness.


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