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Awesome Advice

We are super-fortunate to meet Prof Loic Lang-Lazdunski.

He is brilliant. Kind, funny, positive..and well-read in everything concerning this disease and has predicted that Paul may well just be unlucky enough to have BAP1 loss - a genetic predisposition that means Paul was always going to get this if exposed to any carcinogen/asbestos..

His advice..

Cut out red meat, eat lots of curries (turmeric), drink good red wine (avoid white and bubbles), and cut down on dairy and sugar...

Lots of greens, red grapes and exercise.

(Not bad advice, by any means!!?)

Also, take Turkey Tail for your immune system, and circumin is another cancer fighter.

(found Turkey tail on the website)

Paul's been reading The China Study anyway, which indicates lifestyle and diet as HUGE contributing factors to cancer..

He's been put in touch with a chap John who is fighting pancreatic cancer, and is in remission (miraculously) presumably thanks to his strict vegan diet and exercise regime.


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