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Oh Maaaaan!

Had the most amazing break in Oman.

Stayed at the Shangri-la and it was wonderful to feel normal..and laugh so much as a family.

Paul had a riot. He went to the gym, kayaked with Cam and we all enjoyed the lazy river.

He trains on the running machine and spurs himself on saying "F-you" to his cancer!

A huge highlight was dolphin watching.. saw a school of dolphins..a big bucket list tick!

It's funny.. but amidst so much laughter, I still have these moments of sheer devastation.

I look at Paul and just can't imagine life without him.

The man is amazing.. he never moans or complains and i know his nerves are playing up - he's sore..

He got a cold that developed in the last few days. Not helpful as he was getting nervous about the surgery anyway.

The Prof phoned and personally guaranteed that the surgery would be successsful and calmed any concerns he had. Incredible..

We BELIEVE he will survive this..

He'd better do - he is too much to lose.


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